Residential & Commercial Site Engineering


  • Building site selection & optimization; setbacks
  • Access points; solar aspect; view shed
  • Drain field and well siting
  • Site cut and fill balance
  • Foundation and floor grades; height ceiling

  • Groundwater mitigation
  • Slope stability
  • Grading & drainage
  • Retaining walls

  • Utilities
  • Parking lots; striping and signage
  • Pavement structure design; site concrete
  • Engineered driveway design; shared access; access easements
  • Fire department access; cisterns and fire ponds

  • SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan) and specifications
  • Encroachment resolution

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Site Engineering FAQs

Given the infinite variability IN Nature, each site is unique. Contact us for answers that will address your particular situation.

Can I fill the wet area on my lot to allow for my proposed building addition?

I know that fill is expensive, even just 6 inches much should I raise my building floor? Do I need to raise it at all?

I’d like a basement...can I build one without worrying about flooding? Can’t I just add a sump pump to resolve all my worries?

How do I determine how high the groundwater will rise during a wet spring?

I’m worried about my foundation footings being below the water table. Should I be?

I’m darn sure I’ve got about 3 feet of play between my proposed building and the required lot line I really need to hire a Professional Land Surveyor?

I’m buying a 5-acre lot and there are no buildings anywhere in sight. Will the deed that comes with the land give me a clear idea of what I will own? Why go to the expense of a boundary survey if the lot is in a platted subdivision?

Is it common practice for a builder to include rock removal in his excavation bid? How do I determine how much rock I’m likely to run into when they dig my foundation?

I’ve got to have a walk-out basement! Will this work with my driveway plan?

How high does a retaining wall have to be before it becomes “dangerous”?

Do I really need an expensive retaining wall? Isn’t there another way to make my design vision a reality?


If you're looking at buying land, please check out our section on Due Diligence Before Buying Land