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You may be asking some of the following questions...we can help...


Why am I paying for flood insurance on this property? I haven’t seen so much as a large puddle in 30 years!

How do I lower my required flood insurance premiums, or eliminate them altogether?

If my neighbor fills his land, will this cause my property to flood where it didn’t before?

How can my home be in a floodplain if the “stream” adjacent my land drys up during some years?

Will the downspouts my neighbor just added to her home flood my property during a thunderstorm?


Can I fill the wet area on my lot to allow for my proposed building addition?

I know that fill is expensive, even just 6 inches much should I raise my building floor? Do I need to raise it at all?

I’d like a basement...can I build one without worrying about flooding? Can’t I just add a sump pump to resolve all my worries?

How do I determine how high the groundwater will rise during a wet spring?

I’m worried about my foundation footings being below the water table. Should I be?

I’m darn sure I’ve got about 3 feet of play between my proposed building and the required lot line I really need to hire a Professional Land Surveyor?

I’m buying a 5-acre lot and there are no buildings anywhere in sight. Will the deed that comes with the land give me a clear idea of what I will own? Why go to the expense of a boundary survey if the lot is in a platted subdivision?

Is it common practice for a builder to include rock removal in his excavation bid? How do I determine how much rock I’m likely to run into when they dig my foundation?

I’ve got to have a walk-out basement! Will this work with my driveway plan?

How high does a retaining wall have to be before it becomes “dangerous”?

Do I really need an expensive retaining wall? Isn’t there another way to make my design vision a reality?


My neighbor put his own system in the ground 35 years ago, and has never had a problem. Why do I need to hire a system designer and a contractor? lot is right next door!

I found what looks like a screamin’ deal on a view lot with trees. The current owner says she already had it perc tested, and provided documentation to that effect. Should I go for it?

I heard you don’t need a perc test in certain cases these days. Is this true?

I’ll need to install a septic system and a well for potable water on my one-acre lot. Do I have enough space?

Can I use my septic system effluent to irrigate?

My lot was platted 30 years ago. Why have I been told I have to install a more expensive “alternative” system? How can I qualify for a “conventional” system?

I’ve heard I should steer clear of a septic system that requires a pump. Should I be concerned?

Found what appears to be a dream lot on MLS ... I want to locate my new home to optimize view, but I’m told the soils evaluation dictates the leach field be located 1,700 feet away, and uphill! Is this even feasible?

Can I locate my driveway over my leach field?