Gus Sharry, PE


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Communication is the bench mark of a successful project.




1. Where is your office?

We work out of our home office conveniently located just a mile off Interstate 80 at Parley’s Summit in Summit County, Utah. A 22-minute ride from our office lands us in the following locations:  North - Coalville;       South - Park City Old Town;       East - Kamas;       West - the Salt Lake Valley

2. Are you real estate developers?

No. We are civil engineers focused on providing the best service we  possibly can in the land development / redevelopment arena. We work closely with land owners, regulatory agencies, and many land development professionals in making a project happen, among them developers, geotechnical engineers, botanists, land surveyors, traffic engineers,  architects, construction contractors, and real estate agents.

3. Do you provide land surveying services?

We do not perform property boundary surveys. But we can put you in touch with any one of several qualified licensed professional land surveyors to get the job done.  As a licensed professional (civil) engineer, we are limited by law to performing “engineering surveys” relating directly to our project work. For example, we always field check and sometimes supplement elevation data provided to us by others. This practice is imperative for quality control, while providing an invaluable opportunity to assess project challenges on the ground.

4. How can you help us during the construction phase of our project?

At Canyon Engineering, we understand that one of the most valuable services we can provide our clients is involvement during construction. Simply put, an engineer’s job is not done until a project is put into service and run through the warranty period. Implementation of an engineered design requires close communication between Engineer, Owner, and Contractor. As Engineer, we typically work for the Owner, employing our intimate knowledge of the site and infrastructure construction experience to help the Owner obtain the best possible product at the lowest reasonable cost. By employing Canyon Engineering during construction, the Owner retains a veteran teammate with an experienced  set of eyes to observe and document construction, consider changes and additional improvements, and control costs. And speaking of the bottom line, our fee for construction phase services typically amounts to a very small fraction of the dollars saved as a result of our efforts.

5. Do you provide structural engineering services?

No. Structural Engineering is a specialty under the more general heading of Civil Engineering. When a client is looking for assistance in this area, we refer them to one of our colleagues along the Wasatch Front.

6. Why don’t you have a fax number?

Fax machines are dinosaurs, soon to be extinct. They needlessly generate  excess paper, while the quality of data transmission is many times unacceptable. Hard copy archives waste space, energy, and resources. We’ve moved on to better technology (digital reproduction and email).

7. Is there anything you can count on besides death and taxes?

Yes, change. That’s why we practice lifelong learning here at Canyon Engineering. This applies not only to the ever-changing regulatory landscape, but also to employee education. In these exciting times, if you’re not continually learning and evolving, you’re not serving your client.