Gus Sharry, PE


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Communication is the bench mark of a successful project.


...located in Park City, Utah...

Canyon Engineering provides civil engineering, land planning, regulatory permitting, and construction administration services to the land development / redevelopment community...

...areas of focus...

FLOODPLAIN PERMITTING - Detailed floodplain analysis and mapping; LOMA, LOMR; expert liaison with FEMA. If you’re asking yourself why you’re paying for flood insurance for property that is apparently high and dry, contact us;

BUILDING SITE SELECTION - There’s much more than “feel” involved here. The selected lowest floor elevation will have a significant impact on construction cost;

EARTHWORK & UTILITIES CONSULTING - Unknowns below the ground surface are guaranteed to shatter your budget plan. Light up the black box during design development, NOT during construction;

LAND DEVELOPMENT PERMITTING - Client vision; zoning / development code and permit process clarity; critical path analysis; optimize yield; access and easements. Virtually every project can be threatened by a potential show-stopper. Is yours?

DRAINAGE & GRADING - Expert stormwater analysis and design. Groundwater mitigation; retaining walls & slope stability. A wet site is usually an opportunity, not a problem;

WATER & SEWER - Gravity is money in your pocket ... pump only if you must;

ON-SITE WASTEWATER SYSTEMS - Conventional and alternative system design; perc testing. We do not design systems in a vacuum...a professionally designed system must be integrated with building and site design;


FOUNDER:   Gus Sharry, PE, President...

EDUCATION - Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Massachusetts at Lowell, 1977

WORK HISTORY - Mr. Sharry has over 40 years experience in civil engineering, infrastructure and residential / commercial / industrial site design. Complementary experience includes land planning, project management, regulatory permitting, competitive bid management, value engineering, construction observation, and construction cost control. Gus has a broad base of design, permitting and construction experience in both the public and private sectors.





ON-SITE WASTEWATER SYSTEMS - State of Utah, levels 1,2, and 3 ... soil evaluation, perc testing, conventional and alternative system design, and system maintenance;